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Four Things You Need to Buy When Your Dog Gets Older Leave a comment

Dogs are very special animals. So special, in fact, many of us consider our dog to be another member of our family. Just like aging people, elderly dogs need special care. Fortunately, there are many products you can buy for your dog to help improve their quality of life. This article highlights four things you need to buy when your dog gets older.

1. Dog Ramps

Just like people, aging pets begin to lose mobility in their joints, which can make jumping up and down more difficult, not to mention painful. Dog ramps provide a more comfortable and safer way for your dog to get onto and off of your bed and the couch, and into and out of the car, A dog ramp could even be used as an alternate route for your dog to get in and out of your house, where a few stairs cause them trouble. You could make a dog ramp, but you can buy a premium one for your pet for the price of materials, without the hassle of building it.

2. Lifting Harness

Arthritis is common in dogs, especially for larger breeds. Aging dogs can have trouble standing up and walking around. Without regular exercise through daily movement, a dog’s health will rapidly decline. Lifting large dogs can be hard on pet owners’ bodies, too. A lifting harness is a great product to buy for your aging dog. Some versions can be worn by your pet all day, for dogs that need frequent help. Other harnesses are designed to be used only when needed, like when going for a walk.

3. Orthopedic Beds and Pillows

Another very important factor in an aging dog’s overall quality of life is the quality of their sleep. As dogs age, they may start to lose some of the fat and muscle mass that acts as cushioning when they are laying down. Even if your dog has always slept in a regular dog bed, they might need more support as they age. You can buy orthopedic dog beds for your dog with comforting features, like memory foam and unique cot styles. Adding an orthopedic dog pillow to your dog’s existing bed is another option for dogs that sleep in awkward positions.

4. ToeGrips for Dogs

Muscle weakness is another concern in aging dogs that makes mobility challenging. If you live in a home with hard flooring, your aging dog might be vulnerable to injury-inducing falls. Dogs use their nails to grip softer surfaces for traction while walking or running. When dogs walk on hard surfaces, they use their muscles to compensate for the lack of traction they experience. ToeGrips are rubberized sheaths that slide over a dog’s nails to help prevent slips and falls on hard surfaces.

It can be hard to watch your dog get older and have a hard time doing things they once did with ease. You can help your age with grace and have a more enjoyable life simply by buying your dog a few helpful products, like the ones mentioned above. Anyone who loves their dog like a family member will agree that making an aging dog more comfortable is worth the small investment.

By James Adams – Incredible Planet

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