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Mission Statement

Our mission is to help all animal charities through your donation. We strive to make a positive impact on the lives of all animals small and large. With every donation, we promise to donate great portion of the donation to the animal charity of your choice. Together, we came help all animals who cannot.

Why Should You Help Animals?

Helping animals is not just a moral and ethical choice; it reflects our commitment to justice and compassion. By helping animals, we expand our circle of compassion, fostering a more inclusive and empathetic society. Embracing anti-speciesism, we acknowledge that all sentient beings deserve consideration and respect, regardless of their species. Helping animals promotes a world where kindness and justice are extended to all, including those who cannot speak for themselves!

Why Are Animal Charities Important?

Animal charities play a crucial role in creating a more just and compassionate world for both animals and humans. They work toward protecting and improving the lives of millions of animals subjected to cruelty, neglect, and other forms of human-caused harm. Animal charities also raise awareness about the treatment of animals across various industries and promote compassion toward all living beings. Additionally, they educate the public about the environmental, health, and ethical impacts of animal consumption, and encourage innovation to create and advance more sustainable and humane alternatives.

Why Should People Donate to Animal Charities?

Beyond the moral imperative, helping animals has profound ripple effects across various critical issues. A reduction in animal agriculture, for instance, plays a pivotal role in mitigating climate change by curbing greenhouse gas emissions and conserving natural resources. Many animal charities intersect with social justice as they address disparities in access to food and resources, particularly in communities affected by the environmental consequences of industrial animal farming. Animal advocacy efforts can also positively impact public health by reducing the risk of zoonotic diseases and antibiotic resistance.

Cover Operating Costs.

This issue is particularly challenging for charities that focus on farmed and wild animals, as they receive significantly less funding compared to organizations that focus on companion animals. Donations also help ensure the stability of these organizations, enabling them to withstand changes in the business cycle or external shocks that may affect the amount of funding they receive.

Your Donations.

Animal charities aim to help as many animals as possible by implementing strategies and initiatives that maximize positive impact on animals’ well-being. These effective animal charities are driven by measurable, evidence-based, and strategic approaches designed to create the greatest good for animals.


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