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One of the most highly debated subjects among farmers and other members of the livestock community is pig flooring. Like many controversial subjects, everybody has their own ideas and reasons as to why they are right. While it’s not possible to solve the debate, this article is intended to give people solid information as to why concrete is one of the best flooring options for raising pigs.

Keeps The Pigs Cleaner

When raising pigs on concrete, they stay cleaner because there is no mud or dirt they can get into. Raising pigs inside a confined building isn’t the best choice because the pigs are not let outside, but keeping them clean has numerous benefits for various purposes.

No mud or dirt means it’s easier to handle the pigs, plus there is less work to do when it’s time to butcher them. No mud or muck on the pig flooring means the conditions are more sanitary when it comes time for artificial insemination.

One thing to think about with there being no mud is that pigs use mud to cool themselves off as they don’t sweat. Be sure to provide a decent cooling system inside the barn to help keep them cool.

Sprinklers installed in the barn can also help with temperature control. Failure to provide a way for pigs to cool themselves down will result in them flipping over their watering troughs.

No Worry About Destruction of Property

Pigs love to root around in the dirt with their snout. They also like to dig. If they are being raised on concrete, this type of behaviour is not possible.

There is nothing in the pen for them to push around with their snouts, there is no worry about them escaping as there is no place for them to excavate. Them not being able to escape lowers the risk of a farmer’s property being destroyed. Pigs love to ruin entire gardens when they escape.

Raising Pigs on Concrete is Better for Farrowing

Concrete is the ideal pig flooring choice during farrowing. During this time, dirt is harder to manage. The sow can position herself with a concrete floor and reduce the risk of rolling over onto her piglets.

Not only that, but the floor is level, so there is no risk of the sow slipping or sliding. Pigs love to root around in the dirt, so they often leave holes and tunnels in the floor. A nonsolid floor is a huge risk during the farrowing time.

Easy to clean up after the pigs on concrete

A great reason to use concrete for raising pigs is because of how easy it is to clean. All that is necessary to clean it is a shovel and some water. Simply scoop up the bedding and manure, then spray it down with water to rinse it clean.

Although concrete is simple to clean, it is going to require a lot of bedding. Not providing the pigs with enough bedding when kept on concrete increases the risk of lameness, joint problems, and sores.

As the concrete doesn’t absorb any waste, the bedding and floor require frequent cleaning and changing. How often this must be performed depends on how many pigs there are and how big the space is. Not cleaning enough will cause the pen to stink, but it can also lead to serious health problems for your pigs.

Raising show pigs on concrete

For anybody raising show pigs, it’s highly recommended that they be raised on concrete whenever possible. A big part of that recommendation is how much easier it is to keep them clean when it comes close to showing time. Always slope the concrete toward a drainage area to prevent pigs from slipping on a wet floor.

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