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Replacement Filters For APETDOLA Pet Water Fountain


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APETDOLA Cat Water Fountain Filter Better Protect Your Fur Baby!A Healthy Pet is A Happy Pet.

An Excellent Choice for Your Sensitive Furry Babies.No matter how faint, any odor can quickly make your fur friend swear off their water fountain for days, leading to possible urinary tract infections and kidney problems.

※ It does an excellent job of removing hair and dander, making it ideal for long-haired cats and those with skin issues.
※ Added especially safe and healthy purified water material such as: KDF, ion exchange resin, activated carbon mineralized ball and Maifan Stone Ball.
※ They are nestled between 3 layers of specialized dense cotton mesh, to give your pet maximum freshness and safety.

APETDOLA 6-in-1 Filtering System

You can count on our filters to keep your cat’s water as odor-free and better tasting as possible

About these material:
※ KDF: Remove unpleasant smells for better taste.
※ Coconut Shell Activated Carbon: Filter air particles.
※ Ion Exchange Resin: Soften water quality.
※ Maifan Stone Ball: Filter tiny metal substance.
※ Meta Silicic Acid Mineralized Ball: Filter food residue.
※ Microporous Filter Cotton: Remove floating hair.

Fresher and Cleaner Water

Thanks to Apetdola 6-level filtration system, your furry babies would fall in love with drinking because filters clear out anything that could irritate them.

Easy to install and clean

※ Soak it for 5 min before using it to remove the excessive and loose dust from the charcoal.
※ Please clean the fountain filter every 7 days.

Filter size

※ Outer ring diameter: 5.9 inches
※ Inner ring diameter: 1.38 inches
※ Thickness: 0.59 inches
※ Quantity: 8 pieces

Suitable for Multiple Models of Pet Fountain.

If you have this cat fountain about the above pictures, you can rest assured to use APETDOLA filters, which is not only suitable, but also more low cost, low replacement frequency, less than 0.1 US dollars per day!

A Sustainable and Green Choice For Your Budget.

※ 8-pack premium fountain filters with 40% more purified water material than most filters on the market to achieve better purifying performance.
※ And each Apetdola filter element can filter 30L of water, equal to 100 bottles of 300ml bottled water, to give your pet maximum freshness and safety.

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