High Quality Bamboo Pet Cremation Ashes Keepsake Urn


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Bamboo urn

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Product description

We love pets,they are like family and friends! Your pet will accompany you for a lifetime, I hope that when it die, it can also feel happy and free. Then this natural and environmentally friendly bamboo urn is recommended to everyone, This product is made by hand-processing the original ecology of bamboo, which is a natural product and is green and environmentally friendly.so that your pet can feel the breath of nature and live freely and peacefully in the habitat.


The urn is handmade, there will be 1-2cm error in the manual measurement data, which is within the normal range

Maintenance matters:

1. Bamboo urns that grow naturally must not be boiled in water or exposed to the sun, and must be placed in a cool and ventilated place.
2. After receiving the product, if you need to clean it, you can use warm salt water to wash it inside with a small brush. After encountering water, it should be placed in a cool and ventilated place to dry in time.
3. After receiving the product, remember to apply a layer of oil every day for protection, the color of the bamboo will change for a long time and the color will become more and more beautiful.
4. With the change of the temperature difference in the sky, the lid of the goods will sometimes become tight. Do not cover it forcibly. Use the provided polishing paper to carefully polish the lid of the bamboo box to make the gap larger, or use candles or soap. Apply a coat to the lid for lubrication.
5. This product is hand-processed from the original ecology. It is a natural product. It is green and environmentally friendly. Bamboo products are like children who need to be cared for. If you take good care of it, it will become better and can accompany you for a lifetime.

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